What are the advantages of concrete mixer Because of Chinas urbanization process continues to move forward, concrete mixing stand the cities has been rapid development and application, then the advantages of concrete mixing station, what does? 1, high reliability of concrete mix station twin shaft js 750 concrete mixers for sale after ten years of development, so far its high reliability. Its development process is the introduction - digestion - some domestic - all domestic - Improved improve. As a general commercial concrete company for the production of 10,000 square concrete is a normal thing, and its key components, such as hosts, screw machine, performance is mainly controlled and pneumatic components have been fairly stable, such as stirring blades with a unique high-chromium alloy wear-resistant high-manganese material, shaft bearing and seal in the form of a unique multi-sealed or airtight, which greatly improved the reliability of the host. For often impacted, easy to wear, such as in discharge hopper, etc. transition bucket with wear-resistant steel sheet in reinforcing; ring belt joints vulcanization bonding, an increase of 3 times life than ordinary steel riveted, which is to ensure that high reliability prerequisite. 2, a higher degree of automation degree of automation is the main indicator reflecting a level of technical content stations. From the most primitive manual agitation to drum mixing, stirring from drum to compulsory mixing station, from one side of the host 60 stations to 90 stations 1.5 square hosts, from 120 to station 2 side host third-party host 180 station now even the 4 240 square host station. But since 2002 various commercial concrete company began using two square hosts more than one parallel way, resolved in the increase in capacity while odf brand twin-shaft concrete mixer js1000 ensuring a backup and reduce concrete trucks waiting time. Its control system is currently most advanced and relatively stable, generally high degree of automation, can be fully automated long uninterrupted continuous production. Control room operating platform and computer monitors can vividly reflect the entire production process and every part of the case, such as the case of cement silos cement stock, aggregate positions in the aggregate reserves, transport and aggregate materials such as concrete out case, once a part of a problem can be found in the shortest possible time and in a timely manner to resolve them.

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